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   Rally Rules


  1. A rally and rally site are for the exclusive use of Caravan Club members who must be prepared to produce their membership cards if so requested by the Rally Officer or Committee member.

  2. The Centre Committee reserve the right to refuse the use of the rally site to any member or to request any member to remove their caravan from the rally site if, in the opinion of the Rally Officer or Centre Committee, the presence of that member causes the image of the Club to be at risk.

  3. Whilst Rally Officers endeavour to ensure safety and security of members and their caravans, the Rally Officer, Site owner, Centre Committee or the Caravan Club, cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss incurred except that covered by the Caravan Club insurance policy. Members are advised to be adequately insured.

  4. All members must send their rally booking slips to be received at least 7 days before the rally commences, with a booking fee of £2.00. This booking fee will be refunded in the event of cancellation 7 days prior to the rally. Socials, suppers etc: must be paid for in advance. In any event the member shall be responsible for any expense incurred on their behalf. If a larger deposit for a rally is required this will be indicated in the rally programme details. In the case of cancellation, a full refund of deposit may not always be possible if the place cannot be filled and expense has incurred. In the case of cancellation after money has been paid for a social event, only if the place has been filled will money be refunded.

  5. Avon Centre rallies, unless otherwise stated, start on Friday afternoon at 4pm and extend until 6pm Sunday evening. On arrival all members must report to the Rally Officer before siting. Each caravan and towing vehicle must be placed on the pitch allocated by the Rally Officer. Pitches are not reserved except in special circumstances acceptable to the Rally Officer. If you wish to stay longer, please ask the Rally Officer concerned. Members must at all times accede to any request the Rally Officer may make.

  6. Chemical toilets of an approved type must be provided by every member for their caravan. Facilities will be provided for the disposal of chemicals toilets. Dry and wet kitchen waste shall be removed by the member when leaving the site. In no circumstances should any dry waste be disposed of at the chemical toilet disposal point. Members must collect waste water from the caravan waste outlet in a receptacle which does not allow it to overflow and foul the ground. It is the responsibility of every member to ensure not only their own pitch but also that the rally site is kept clean and tidy throughout and at the end of a rally.

  7. Water taps are provided for fresh water supplies to caravans and not for personal washing or flushing toilets. Toilets must NOT be taken within 6 feet of taps.

  8. Parents are responsible for control of their children with a regard to safety and to ensure that no damage is caused by them, both on the rally site and at social functions. Respect should be shown to the land owners property, trees, fences, farm buildings, equipment and stock. The play area for children is limited to the rally site or other specifically designated areas.

  9. On the rally site, no vehicle must exceed 5mph. Learner drivers are not allowed to drive on site. Second and visitor’s cars are not allowed in caravan lines except for access.

  10. Animals should be kept under control at all times and whilst on the rally site leashed and exercised well away from the caravans. The leash should not exceed 6 feet in length and at no time should animals be allowed to interfere with the passage of persons to the adjacent caravans or with its fittings. Animals are not allowed at social events.

  11. In view of possible damage to caravans, the flying of kites and model aircraft within caravan lines and above the lines and the playing of ball games within the lines is forbidden. The use of dangerous items, as deemed by the Committee or Rally Officer on site is strictly forbidden.

  12. Members should not cause annoyance to other members by creating unnecessary noise. Radio, TV, etc. Volume must be reduced at 11.00pm to a reasonable level. Generators must not be used between 8pm and 8am (with the exception of Rally Officers running rallies). Amended 5th September 2011

  13. Members should not cause annoyance to other members by creating unnecessary noise. Radio, TV, etc. Volume must be reduced at 11:00pm to a reasonable level. Generators to be used between 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm. If in an emergency you need to run a generator, please see Rally Officer (with the exception of Rally Officers running rallies).

  14. Small pup tents are allowed on Avon rallies for the use of 2 children/ teenagers, but not to exceed 2m x 2m external floor area overall. These tents are to be sited at the discretion of the Rally Officer WHO MUST BE CONSULTED before the tent is erected. The tent is to be sited between the caravan and the perimeter of the field, space permitting, with the due regard for safety being uppermost at all times. Members must indicate on the booking slip that they intend bringing a tent to the rally.

  15. If any member has a legitimate complaint, this should be reported to the Rally Officer or any Committee member immediately, so      that any action can be taken by the Committee then or at the next Avon Centre Committee meeting.

  16. Letters being raised under correspondence at Committee meetings should be signed and a membership number put on them and received by the Honorary Secretary within a reasonable time after the incident referred to in that letter.

  17. No cycling on rally field except Rally Officers.

  18. No trading allowed on the rally field by ralliers.

  19. Members booked to arrive at a rally, must make every effort to advise the Rally Officer, if for any reason, they cannot attend.

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