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Rally Secretary


None Arrival and Late Cancellations

Please can you fill out the cancellation and non-arrival form that you have in your rally pack and return it with your rally return to the treasurer.

Centre Cheques

The centre can not accept cheques for less than £10

You can use the Avon Centre Vouchers for a deposit, which can be bought from any committee member.

Submitting Cheques

All cheques received from ralliers as payments or part payment for a rally must be forwarded to the treasurer within one month of the date on the cheque. If rally officers do not wish to post or cannot see the treasurer by this date any Committee member can receive the cheque and give them to the treasurer at the next meeting. Meetings are on the first Monday of each month.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Full Rally


If your rally is full, please inform the Web Master to enable the rally program to be updated.

Pitch Spacing of Units on the Rally Field

The caravan Club places great importance on the correct layout of rallies to ensure that safety standards are maintained and that we meet the requirements of the Exemption Certificate.

The minimum spacing between facing walls of adjacent motorhomes and caravans (the unit) of 6 metres is required.

There should also be 3 metres clear around the entire outfit, where an outfit is taken to mean and include the unit, an awning, pup tent and a car.

Roadway width within site should be 6 metres minimum.

For health and safety purpose, emergency vehicles should be able to secure access at all times to within 90 metres of any unit on site.

Where spacing is more difficult to achieve, consideration could be given, for example, to park towing vehicles in a different location or not allowing awnings.

This diagram has been produced by natural England, Which shows the 6 and 3 metre spacing around a number of different scenarios. Click HERE to download the NE safety spacing of units document.

Need a Rally Return, Rally Proforma or Booking Slip

You can download these by going to the 'Downloads' tab

Avon Centre Rally Contract

Rally contracts are being introduced for all rallies to protect the Avon Centre, the Rally Officer and the Site Owner. So that there is a clear understanding of dates, prices, VAT status and facilities that are agreed by all parties.
The contract could be given to the site owner during a site visit for them to agree and sign or the Rally Secretary will email the site owner with the details supplied from the Rally Officer.
When the Contract is signed by the site owner, the Rally Secretary will provide the Treasurer and the Rally Officer with a copy. Where commercial sites have their own contract, this will take the place of the Avon Centre Rally Contract.
A blank copy of The Rally Contract can be found in Downloads

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