Notice to Members

Over the next couple of days I will be sending out details of the new Committee, AGM, a provisional list

of 2021 rallies and asking members if they prefer a hard copy Rally Book or an online version. If you

have not received either a letter or email by the end of November could you check that you are an up

to date Centre member, you can email or phone me if you are unable to see it on the Caravan and

Motorhome's Clubs website.

Thanks Jan


Rally Officers

Rally Officers, it has come round to the time of year when I need your proforma’s, please can you email them to me or if you are at the AGM you can hand them to me.


We need Rally Officers to run Hampton Ferry in Evesham, so if you are interested please give me a call my number is in the rally book.


If you have found somewhere new, or you would like to run a rally somewhere we have been before again please phone me so we can talk about dates.


Many Thanks


Nikki Norley
Rally Sec
Avon Centre

Caravan & Motorhome Club




An Update on Rallies Run by the Avon Centre


The Centre rallies will restart in October, bookings can be made online or a booking form sent to the Rally

Officer, rallies will however have to conform to the guidance we have received from the CAMC, social

distancing measures and no socials, further details will be sent to you from the Rally Officer explaining

what you will need to do. Please bare with us as Rally Officers will also have to do a risk assessment on

all their rallies. You can check if a rally is running on the website

Please also note that the AGM rally will now not take place, the AGM will take place and the Secretary will

be letting members know where and when in due course.

Stay safe and if you are out in your caravan /motorhome have a safe journey.

Your Committee.



New date for 3000th Rally

This is the replacement rally for the 3000th Rally that had to be canceled due to the Covid restrictions. It is now in July 2021, so get booking early to avoid disappointment.

Download booking form HERE


Great Western Air Ambulance

A surprise visit from Joe of the Air Ambulance, to present this plate to Avon Centre members for all their support in raising the fantastic amount of £5700.


On line booking forms

On the bottom of the online booking form is a section on deposits, could ralliers please put how much deposit is being paid and by which method.


BACS payments

Ralliers could you please make sure that when making a BACS payment, you fill in the reference, this will be your name and rally number. This will make sure that the Treasurer allocates the monies to the correct rally. Thank you.

To Contact the Committee Email

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