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Update on bank transaction charges

The committee feels it is necessary to introduce a 50p rally fee to help cover the bank charges over the year. This will be reviewed at regular intervals.

Rally 40 Update

Rally 40 'Half term Holiday Kingfisher Park' starts and finishes on a Saturday not on Friday and Sunday as stated in the rally book.

On line Booking

Please only use the on-line booking button on the rally page that you would like to book. To book another rally, go to that rally page and use the on-line booking button. Each booking button on every rally page is only sent to the Rally Officer running that rally.

On line booking forms

On the bottom of the online booking form is a section on deposits, could ralliers please put how much deposit is being paid and by which method.

BACS payments

Ralliers could you please make sure that when making a BACS payment, you fill in the reference, this will be your name and rally number. This will make sure that the Treasurer allocates the monies to the correct rally. Thank you.

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